Request/Aid Management


Sahana Request/Aid Management System is a central online repository where all relief organizations, relief workers, government agents and camp sites for displaced personnels can coordinate the supply of the aids with their demand. It allows users to allocate the available resources to fulfill the demands effectively and efficiently. Make request, Donations and Fulfilling request can be handle by this module efficiently.

Main Features

  • Add Requests and Pledges
  • Searching and listing
  • Fulfilling requests


By default, RequestAid management module can be accessed by Administrator or Super User.To getting started with Request/Aid module select Request/Aid Management in Sahana main menu then module menu will appear on top of the main menu. ==== Make Request ==== Make Request manages requesting items ( ex:rice,blankets ) need for relief works. Item, location, quantity of request is stored and set the status to open to fulfill it. Request can be done by anyone who have the access to this module and there are some little different with regarding to user who request. * Select Requests in module menu and select Make Request or Click Make Request in module home page. If security has been disabled by administrator person who does the request should give his personal details to identify the validity of the request. If security has been enabled no need if identifying the requester. So can be directly move to the requesting which is described bellow.As the first step of requesting location for the request should be given. Request location can be a shelter or a organization . Note :- Shelters and Organizations should be already added using Shelter Registry or Organization Registry modules. If security has been disabled requester should give the location and no persistence is there. But if security is enabled location which has been used are stored and both forms(above one and form in below) will appears in the same page. Then on the top of the same page selected locations are shown. But user in a security disabled Sahana system has only one location at attempt. Select the location and click Next Then in next page item details will be asked. Then steps by steps item has to be given with quantity and priority. Category/sub category/item are handled by the Aid Catalog module. * select the category Then it display relevant sub categories for the category. Then it display a combo box with items of selected sub category. Select a item and unit type and give quantity and priority. Ascending order of priorities are immediate, moderate, Low Priority. Then click Add .Then item details will displayed with form to add more items. If you want to request more items to same location you can add using that form. To finalize the request click Finish. ==== List Requests ==== View list of requests with requester, Location, Date, status of the request and a link to detailed version of a request. A form will be in above of the page to filter the request list using requester, status. By selecting parameters of that form listing data can be filtered and searching can be done. Changing the value of combo-box records number of records per page can be changed. By clicking on the Details link for the a request expanded details are viewed. Number of items for a request, requested quantity, Priority is shown. Fulfilling can be done clicking select on the request fulfillment list and the status can be set. Note :- Status is open for any request which is not fulfilled. Status is closed only when all requested items are fulfilled. ==== Search Requests ==== Search Request gives a report of requests by filtering using searching criteria given by the user. Data can be filtered by using one or more searching criteria like requester, location, priority, category and the status. By default all a set to All which will do the listing. Using this action user can search requests with high priority or open requests efficiently. * Select Request in Request/Aid Management module menu and select Search Requests or Click Search Request in module home page. Select a searching criteria and click Search. It will show a filtered list of requests same as in list requests and same actions like fulfilling are also possible. ==== New Pledge ==== New Pledge handles online donations/pledges through the system by tracking item, quantity of the pledge and locate them in to a registered inventory. Inventories are handle by the Inventory Management module. * Select Pledges in Request/Aid module menu and then select New Pledge or Click New Pledge int Request/Aid home page. Then it asks Category/Sub Category/Item, quantity and the inventory where the pledge should pledge should place. All the steps to add a item will same as select item in Make Request action. Then it will show the new pledge details with above form to add new pledges. If more pledges to be added, do the previous steps recursively and click Finish to add pledges. If a pledge need to be removed click Remove Item in the pledge list. ==== List Pledges ==== This produce a list of all pledges done through the system including donor, date and the status. Result can be filtered by donor, status and records per page can be changed using form appears in the top of list. * Select Pledges in module menu and select List Pledges or Click List Pledges in module home page. By clicking on the Details list items and quantities of the relevant donation is shown with the status of the donation. Status can be change by selecting the status from the combo box. Initial status of a pledge is Not Confirmed. When it confirmed status should change to Confirmed and change the status to Delivered when the pledge is delivered. To cancel or discard the pledge change the status to Discarded. ==== Search Pledges ==== This produce a list of pledges filtered by one or more searching criteria. User can filter data using donor, category and status. If user wants to just a list of all pledges make them all to All. This helps to search pledges which are delivered or not or pledges for each category of data. * Click Search. Then it will produce a list of pledges which matches searching parameters. It includes donor, Item , quantity, status and the location ( a inventory ) where the donation is placed. ==== Fulfill Requests ==== This action helps to manage the fulfillment of requests. It checks with the inventories and pledges to find out whether the requested items are available. If items are available user can locate that item to request location. * Select Manage in module menu and and select Fulfill Request or Click Fullfill Requests and click request list. Then it will show the all request as a list same as in List Requests. By clicking on the Details link of a request user can get items, quantity of each item and the priority of the request. To fulfill a item of a request click on the Select in the Select to Fulfill column of a relevant item.Then it will show a list of available items/pledges with total quantity and total used quantity. click Select of the relevant item. Ex: If user needs to fulfill a request to sugar select the sugar. Then it will shows items to the request and a form to fulfill the request. In that form maximum available quantity is shown. Give a quantity to fulfill the request and click Next.If user wants to cancel the fulfillment click Cancel. Helpful Tools
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