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Synchronization Module


The synchronization module is one of the most important and highly required module in the sahana disaster management system in order to function the entire disaster management process effectively.This module simply does is, allows user to transport the huge amount of data in a particular sahana installation to another different sahana installation.This facility is really important because sometimes the communication infrastructure is also destroyed in disasters and the people or the relief workers are not able to communicate via a electronic telecommunication medium.

So in such situation,the user can obtain the data in the sahana installation of a major disaster management center and use that data in a sahana installation of mobile device/laptop or any other device which has a sahana installation.When the user return to the disaster management center, he/she can upload the data in his/her sahana instillation and the sahana installation in the disasters management center automatically check the difference between its own database and uploaded data.Then if there is difference,those difference data of the uploaded data is extracted to the main sahana installation.

This module helps not only with the communication is limited but if the relief workers want to integrate two different sahana installations ,the synchronization module again comes in to play.Because in such scenario, the databases of two installations should have consistency and user can work as they are using a one database.

Getting started with synchronization module

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