Sahana web setup

Step 1

  • Compatibility of dependencies (PHP version, php gettext library php gd library and mysql library) and directory permission will be checked here.

Step 2

Sahana database will be setup here.

  • Database type - mysql or postgre sql
  • Database host:port - location of database server (if you plan to install both Apache and mysql in a same computer, keep localhost). MySQL uses port 3306 as its default port. Unless you have changed it, you do not have to define it here.
  • Database - Name for the Sahana database should be give by the user.
  • Database user - You have to create a database user for installation process.
  • Database password - Password of the database user.

Step 3

Please note that fields marked with '*' are mandatory.

  • Unique installation ID - Installation ID will be automatically created. However it can be defined by the user if necessary.
  • Administrator account - This is the site administrator of the Sahana system. You have to provide a password ( 8 characters ) for to log as administrator.
  • Normal user account - This user account is designed as the 'default' user ( with no administrative privileges ). You have to select a password for this user account.

When you successfully completed the above steps, following screen will appear. You will be shown the Sahana configuration file (, and you are requested to disable write permission to the file.

When you click on 'Start Sahana' button, you will be brought to Sahana Home page.

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