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Sahana Response to Haiti and Chile Earthquakes

Sahana's Haiti portal can be visited at
Sahana's Chile portal can be visited at

Sahana Participation in Google Summer of Code 2010

The Sahana Software Foundation is a Mentoring Organization for the 2010 Google Summer of Code.

Please visit the main Sahana GSOC 2010 entry page

Sahana Software Foundation

Information about the Sahana Software Foundation organization, governance, board, members, licenses and projects can be found on our Foundation wiki

Sahana Information Library


The Sahana Disaster Management System Information Library has several wikis. They are defined by target audience. If you are having difficulty finding the information you are looking for, please email or visit us at Several experienced Sahana volunteers will be able to assist.

If you are keen to experience Sahana's features, we recommend trying out our demos:

If you like to contribute to the documentation of this WIKI, please ask for a username from any of the WIKI admins

For Organisations Considering Sahana

Sahana is a web-based disaster management application that provides management solutions, focusing on large-scale humanitarian disasters. It enables enhanced coordination by promoting integrated information gathering. It assists collaboration by providing a number of communication mechanisms in the aftermath of a disasters. Sahana is built from free and open source software and released under OSI licenses, which means all users are free to download and use it (and are even free to create commercial derivatives of it)...

How Sahana is Useful in Disaster Situations

Sahana functions both online as well as a stand alone tool for disaster management, depending on the operational considerations. Users can access it via their local machine, from within the network, as part of a corporate intranet or anywhere in world via the Internet. This means it can be installed on a laptop, for workers in the field and at a central command center for overall coordination. When machines are linked, all information can be synchronised, via USB, CD-R the LAN or the Internet...

Supported Operating Systems and Web Browsers

Sahana supports all modern operating systems and browsers, including MS Windows, Mac OSX, Ubuntu and other Unix-like systems. Your browser must have JavaScript enabled and, for Agasti, your operating system must be able to run the Apache HTTP Server, the PHP programming language and MySQL database software. If running Eden then you will need to run Python. If you don't know what these are, the Installation Guides below will assist you.

Deployments and Case Studies

Sahana's strength is also in its track record being deployed for disasters around the world. Known deployments of Sahana include those for the governments of Pakistan, Philippines, Peru, America, and Bangladesh. The full list of Sahana deployments and pre-deployments, some with case studies, highlights how a community of partners can work to deliver the Sahana solution at a time of need.

Advocacy and Training Material
Awards and Recognition
  • Gartner Inc. Cool Vendor in Risk Management and Compliance - 2010
  • Public Private Businesses Inc. Best Practices Award - 2010
  • Sourceforge Community Choice Awards Best Project for Government Finalist - 2009
  • Free Software Foundation Award for Social Benefit - 2006
  • SHG Good Samaritan Award - 2006
  • Sourceforge Project of the Month - June 2006
  • User Award from Redhat Summit - 2005

Installation Guides

World Icon Click here for detailed guides on how to download and install Sahana.

For Users

Help Icon

Please note, not all module are present in released versions of Sahana (v0.6 - v1.0). Some modules are only currently available in either the trunk and/or the Google Summer of Code development repositories. These modules will become available in future releases of Sahana. Examples of this are the Resources and Snapshot modules.

The Sahana community has a friendly community to help with bugs and to receive suggestions, improvement ideas and feature requests.

Support Options

  1. Support by Email
    Please subscribe to the Sahana User list by clicking here.
  2. IRC
    Sahana developers are available on FreeNode channel #sahana #sahana-eden and #sahana-gis.
  3. Launchpad Answers
  4. Mailing List Info
    Visit here.

For Administrators

These guides illustrate the functions of the Adminstration module. Administrators should be familiar with Sahana's user privilege and situation management hierarchies and best practices for deployment.

For Trainers

The Sahana Training Program is a week-long induction programme. Here are the course materials.

For Software Developers

Sahana is always looking for developers have have experience in PHP, JavaScript and Python. Here is some useful information if you are considering deploying or developing the application.

The Path To 1.0

Biosurveillance Project

For Translators

The Localization and Translation wiki captures techniques for localizing and translating Sahana. It explains how to translate the application for new countries, regions and groups.

For Designers

The Design wiki is where the community unleashes its design skills.

For Documentation Writers


If you need access permission for any of these wikis, please send an email to any of the following wiki administrators. Please include a reason for needing access:

  • Fran Boon - francisboon [at]
  • Tim McNamara - mcnamara.tim [at]
  • Dominic Konig - dominic [at] (main access person for translators)
  • David Bitner - bitner [at] (main access person for GSoC)
  • Ravindra de Silva - ravindra [at]
  • Pradeeper Darmedra - pradeeper [at]
  • Mifan Careem - mifan [at]
  • Chamindra de Silva - chamindra [at]

Translation of Wiki Pages

Sahana wiki pages in other languages than English might be found by appending the ISO 639-1 language code to the namespace of the page, e.g.:

  • start (original page) ⇒ start:de (German translation)
  • dev:home (original page) ⇒ dev:home:ar (Arabic translation)

If you want to create a translated wiki page, please follow the Wiki Translation Guide

Other Project Information

Project Governance

Academic Research

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