Sahana Software Foundation Board of Directors

The Sahana Software Foundation Board is responsible for all activities and affairs of the Foundation and all Foundation powers are exercised by or under the direction of the Board.

The Sahana Software Foundation Articles of Incorporation of June 2, 2009 affirmed the appointment of the members of the transition board as the Sahana Software Foundation's initial Board of Directors. In October 2009, those director's affirmed their willingness to serve until the first meeting of the members, held on 2 May 2010, where a new board was elected by the members of the Foundation in accordance with Article 3.5 of the Foundation ByLaws.

SSF Board: The current Board of Directors of the Sahana Software Foundation:

Name Position Elected Thru
David Bitner Director 2010 2013
Mifan Careem Director 2009 2012
Chamindra de Silva CTO 2009 2011
Darmendra Pradeeper Director 2009 2012
Mark Prutsalis CEO 2009 2013
Louiqa Raschid CFO 2009 2011
Martin Thomsen Secretary 2009 2012
Gavin Treadgold Director 2009 2013
Brent Woodworth Chair 2009 2011

Sahana Software Foundation Board Emeritus: Former members of the Sahana Software Foundation Board of Directors are recognized through their membership on the Board Emeritus. Members include:

Name Dates of Service
Sanjiva Weerawarana 2009-2010

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