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   * Student: [[http://blog.ideamonk.in|Abhishek Mishra]]    * Student: [[http://blog.ideamonk.in|Abhishek Mishra]] 
   * Mentor(s): Dominic König and Francis Boon   * Mentor(s): Dominic König and Francis Boon
 == Code == == Code ==
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 +== Project Plan and Timeline == 
 +I'm working in a prototype -> generalize mode where I work first upon a page specific widget, say a list widget for person module, and then extract out custom and generic code out of it to transform it into a generically implementable code.
 +After the first meeting on 26th May, 2010, the goals were further refined and essential widgets were identified.
 +^First Semester: 26 April - 23 May^^^^
 +^Goal^Description^Due Date^Status^
 +|Explore Web2Py, S3XRC, ExtJS, etc|To get a basic familiarity with the framework beneath Eden|5/23/2010|**Web2Py, develper guidelines explored**|
 +^Second trimester (24 May - 12 July)^^^^
 +^Goal^Description^Due Date^Status^
 +|Prototype a Grid view|Work up a sortable, add/edit in place paginated grid view for tabular data|6/7/2010|**In Progress**|
 +|Generic grid view|Generalize the prototype into reusable, configurable widget|6/13/2010|**Not yet completed**|
 +|Form Validations|Work up a way to bring client side & server side form validations for in place insert/edits|6/27/2010|**Not yet completed**|
 +** more updates soon

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