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Sahana Google Summer of Code 2010

The Sahana Community Development Committee would like to welcome everyone to the 2010 Sahana Google Summer of Code. At this point in time Sahana is still in the process of applying as an mentoring organization with Google. Sahana has successfully been a part of the Google Summer of code in 2006, 2007, 2008 & 2009. These involvements have been very effective in building both the project and the community, so we are looking forward to having another productive year as well…



Full project timelines are here. Key dates to start with are:

  • MON 08 MAR 1900UTC - Organisation applications open
  • FRI 12 MAR 2300UTC - Organisation applications close
  • THU 18 MAR 1900UTC - Accepted Organisations announced
  • MON 29 MAR 1900UTC - Student applications open
  • FRI 09 APR 1900UTC - Student applications close


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SahanaPy (Python)

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