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Sahana Google Summer of Code 2010

The Sahana Community Development Committee would like to welcome everyone to the 2010 Sahana Google Summer of Code. The Sahana Software Foundation has again been accepted as an mentoring organization with Google. Sahana has successfully been a part of the Google Summer of code in 2006, 2007, 2008 & 2009. These involvements have been very effective in building both the project and the community, so we are looking forward to having another productive year as well…

Students Announced

On behalf of the Sahana Software Foundation Community Development Committee, we would like to congratulate the following students for being selected to participate in the 2010 Google Summer of Code.

  • Abhishek Mishra, HTML/JS Based Reusable Front End for S3XRC mentored by Dominic Koening and Fran Boon
  • Amer Tahir, Automatic Synchronization Between Sahana Instances mentored by Fran Boon and Michael Howden
  • Dilantha Silva, Logistics Module (Logistics Site Functionality Idea with Item Catalogue) mentored by Nilushan Silva, Mark Prutsalis, Michael Howden, Pat Tressel, and Jo Fonseka
  • Kusum Madarasu, Sahana Module Manager mentored by Greg Miernicki, Glenn Pearson, and Pradeeper Darmedra
  • Robert O'Connor, Survey Tool mentored by Michael Howden, Mark Prutsalis, and Gavin Treadgold
  • Shikhar Kohli, Application for Spreadsheet Importer Project for SahanaPy mentored by Mark Prutsalis, David Bitner, Chamindra de Silva, and Michael Howden
  • Suryajith Chillara, OCR Module for the SahanaPy Framework mentored by Praneeth Bodduluri and Michael Howden
  • Thilanka Kaushalya Lanka Geeganage, Sahana OCR Development mentored by Gihan Chamara, Jo Fonseka, Chamindra de Silva, and Hayesha Somorathne
  • Thilini H, Logistics Shipment Functionality mentored by Jo Fonseka, Mark Prutsalis, Michael Howden, Pat Tressel, and Nilushan Silva
  • Zubair Assad, Volunteer Management System mentored by Pat Tressel, Mark Prutsalis, and Trishan de Lanerolle

These students were selected out of a pool of 30 excellent candidates from around the world (India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, United States, Sweden, Brazil, Italy, Indonesia, Portugal, and Turkey). We look forward to working with all these students through the coming months and hopefully for years to come. We hope that that those students who were not selected as part of the Google Summer of Code chose to remain a part of the Sahana community and we will try to help all those looking to work with Sahana get involved.

Sincerely, David Bitner and Gavin Treadgold Sahana Google Summer of Code Administrators Sahana Software Foundation Community Development Committee


Interested in mentoring? We are recruiting experienced Sahana contributors - both developers and domain experts, to serve as mentors again this year. Former Sahana GSOC students are strongly encouraged to help mentor Sahana GSOC projects as the Sahana Software Foundation will not be considering former Sahana GSOC students this year. We will assign two mentors to every project - a domain expert and an experienced Sahana developer - which helps balance the time commitment required to be able to effectively contribute. Please sign up as a mentor on our mentor sign up form.



Full project timelines are here. Key dates to start with are:

  • MON 08 MAR 1900UTC - Organization applications open
  • FRI 12 MAR 2300UTC - Organization applications close
  • THU 18 MAR 1900UTC - Accepted Organizations announced
  • MON 29 MAR 1900UTC - Student applications open
  • FRI 09 APR 1900UTC - Student applications close

Project Ideas

There is a section to enter non-project specific ideas below - as well as links to project-specific ideas pages. Please do contribute your ideas to these pages.

Sahana's PHP Project (Sahana)
Sahana's Python Project (SahanaPy)
General Project Ideas

Such projects could include (for example), mobile applications capable of providing data to either the Sahana or SahanaPy applications through XML, SMS or other open standard. (Hey, that's a great idea!)

  • Platform neutral data collection on mobile devices – i.e. build javarosa form to collect data and send to both PHP and Python Sahana servers. Simple plotting of categorized event on the situation map, Missing person / disaster victim intake;
  • Build two-way interoperability between Sahana MPRs using PFIF standard.
  • Build two-way interoperability between Sahana MPRs and Google Person Finder PFIF API.
  • Sahana and Linked Data Develop Sahana APIs to enable Sahana to interoperate with Linked Data on the semantic Web.

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