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I've been talking with the local distributor of ikeGPS recently about implementing an import function into Sahana using the data as captured from the ikeGPS.

It is a fairly high-end device, but it does have some pretty cool features, especially being able to georeference objects remotely, and using compass and laser rangefinder to adjust lat/long co-ordinates ;)

Anyway, I've managed to get some sample data from them (I'm waiting on some more info about the csv format (2) ). There are two types of data that can be imported (well, technically more as it can also produce shapefiles, but I figured if we're interested we can start with the easier ones as they are more generic, if someone really wants a challenge, I'm sure I can get some shapefiles as well… ).

1. There are simple geotagged images. They contain EXIF GPS tags e.g. sample info contained in them…

Altitude: 39.313 m (129.0 ft)
Altitude Reference: above sea level
Destination Bearing: 19.61
Destination Bearing Reference: True direction
Destination Distance: 0.1238
Destination Distance Reference: Kilometers
Destination Latitude: 41.30159759521484
Destination Latitude Reference: S
Destination Longitude: 174.7798004150391
Destination Longitude Reference: E
Latitude: 41° 18' 9.51" S
Longitude: 174° 46' 45.52" E

2. There is a csv file that contains the information that links to the photo files. I have asked for a description of the csv fields as I didn't receive that with the test data. This is a relatively more proprietary approach - at least in as far we don't know what all the fields mean. I should be able to get that information fairly quickly, as they seem happy to provide the info.

24/05/05,14:49:26,lv martin,,\SD Card\ike\Images\image_050524_144926.jpg,PDOP: 3.62491379207837,-41.3035728155875,174.778942141007,25.64676,39.7,22.5,66.2,4.5,-0.3,1525,173228,-41.3035646021179,174.779415283233,28.7616652306169,-1

What is our current state-of-the-art in this area? Are we able to support the importing of geotagged images already?

If not, is someone is interested in working on a new module to capture this sort of raw damage assessment information from devices, importing, and mapping it - let me know. Naturally it should eventually support import from a lot of different devices that geotag images such as iPhones etc, not just the ikeGPS.

This sort of module would act as a base for the collection of raw damage assessment information over which more useful modules could be written, such as tasking infrastructure repair, rebuilding houses etc. First we collect the information (this module), then we build modules to manage the response/recovery based upon this information this, and other, modules provide.

Something we may want to consider is a browser plugin or similar that makes the uploading of a folder of geotagged photos much easier as well. E.g. like a Flickr uploader.

Update: The format of the CSV file is contained below. GT also has some sample images and csv files that can be used for testing.

Column Value
0 Date
1 Time
2 Name
3 Comment
4 Image filename
5 PDOP, and GPS availability
6 Latitude of ike
7 Longitude of ike
8 Altitude of ike
9 Distance to target
10 Magnetic declination
11 Bearing
12 Pitch
13 Roll
14 GPS Week
15 GPS Second
16 Target Latitude
17 Target Longitude
18 Target Altitude
19 GPS Quality (-1 ⇒ not post processed, 1 to 6 ⇒ quality as defined in GrafNav package)

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