Organization Registry

  • Organizations should be registered before the disaster
  • On the incident the organization says where they will provide services
  • In Philippines the cluster will be registered in advance
  • Linking of organizations to incidents

Situation Mapping

Request/Aid Management

  • Fund management: Handle dispersion of donor funds
  • Specific module separated from the RMS
  • Who is sending the donation, how it is used, by which depts, distribution
  • Various depts/ministries of govt.

Camp Registry

  • Even before a disaster need a database of registered evacuation centers

Missing Person Registry

  • Conversion of Height Weight
  • Handling redundant data
  • Delete a record
  • Advanced search by description
  • Reports of total missing by age group, gender and by location
  • Follow the health group standards of age group
  • missing timeframe, when reported, when found
  • Rename to casualty

Volunteer Management

  • Credentialing system

Baseline Data

  • Is needed to validate the information
  • Include data from past disasters also
  • Top ten most affected disasters the last 5 years

Childrens Group

We need ICT for:

  • Building a database of responders: DCC’s, international and local NGOs, national government agencies: DSWD-DROMIC, DOH-HEMS, Private Sectors, etc.
  • SMS alert system (one outgoing & one incoming lines)
  • Gathering and consolidating initial reports as part of the SIPTREPS
  • Briefing of the responders in conducting rapid assessment
  • Fill-up of the rapid assessment forms, preferably downloadble from web portal
  • Transmit rapid needs assessment forms back to the NDCC
  • Build donor’s information system (who, how much, quantity, volume, type of donation, restrictions, expiration of the donated items)
  • Build inventory system of the deployed stock and donated items (when, date of receipt, who receive, etc)
  • List of distribution (recipients)Rapid needs assessment

Missing Group

  • Management of the dead – search and retrieval, identification, profiling, burial
  • Displaced population – shelter, food, water, clothing, medicine, Relocation
  • Missing persons - search and rescue, location, profiling (age, gender)
  • Responders or volunteers deployment
  • Relief aid coordination
  • Communication failure
  • Transport needs, logistics
  • Damaged infra (roads and bridges)


We need an ICT system that will:

  • Determine the following:
    1. Areas Affected
    2. Number of casualties (missing, injured, dead)
    3. Affected Population (inside/outside evacuation centers)
    4. Damage to properties (infrastructure, agricultural, private properties)
    5. Status of lifelines (roads, communication, electricity, water supply, dams)
    6. Damaged houses (partially and totally)
  • Determine the immediate needs of the affected population
    1. Food and non food items
    2. Medical needs / services
    3. Restoration of lifelines (particularly electricity, water etc)
    4. Search and rescue
    5. Evacuation
  • To know the available resources and services
    1. Manpower
    2. Equipment
    3. Funds
  • Status of coordination among units
  • System would be able to generate report templates


Tsunami Requirement

  • Handling Casualties
    • Missing
    • Injured
    • Death
  • Handling Needs of Evacuees
  • Relocation/Evacuation sites
  • Damaged infrastructure
  • Received Relief Goods and Donations
  • Distributions of Relief Goods and Donations
  • Records of Responding Organizations
  • Volunteers

Donor Group

* Baseline Data

  • Boundaries
  • Populated areas
  • Population
  • Lifelines
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Airport

* Organizations

  • Local Disaster Coordinating Councils
  • Government agencies
  • Non Government organizations
  • International NGO’s

* Resources

  • Manpower
  • Supplies
  • logistics

* Local Hazard Profiles

* Managing Casualties

  • Dead
  • Injured
  • Missing

* Donor Organizations

  • Donors profile
  • Categories of donations
    • Cash
    • Food
    • Medicine
    • Clothes

* Communications * Report generation tools

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