Release names

This is an area to brainstorm and discuss names to be used for Sahana releases. Once again, there are no good or bad entries here; this is to generate discussion and ideas to be used to vote on. So, please speak your mind.

  • dzubey 13 Dec 09 - Since the original event that 'triggered' the development of Sahana was the Asian Tsunami of 2004, I'd like to suggest we use:
  • Hindi (Sahana is already Hindi/Sanskrit I understand, so this applied to sahana-phase2)
  • Bahasa Indonesia (Second biggest impacted language group, correct?)
  • Tamil (Romanized for simplicity)
  • Tagalog

It's important to note that translating a word from Hindi/Sanskrit to English and then to the target language may cause loss of information, and we may need to enlist the assistance of the Sahana i10n and i18n group to assist with a direct translation.

  • ajuonline - 14 Dec 09
  • In response to dzubey's comments above: “Sahana” was originally named in “Sinhala” language meaning “Relief” afaik.
  • The word Sahana itself has various meanings in other languages. For e.g. in Kannada, one of Indian languages, it means “Patience” as I have been told.
  • The original idea was to have a word for its meaning “Relief” in other languages. For e.g. Relief == “Raahat” in Hindi. Similarily other variations of the word “Relief” in the languages we choose.

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