Release Naming Ideas

Insert your ideas on naming conventions for sahana releases.Please keep in mind that this project is used in high-stress situations, so names should be non-offensive across multiple culture-spaces and stress levels.

Since this is a brainstorming area, there are no bad entries, the object is to get ideas down. We'll vote later.

Naming Convention ideas
  • Naming after weather risks (not disasters)
  • Naming after disaster types
  • Naming after influential people
  • Naming after countries or cities that been subject of disasters since Sahana's inception
  • Naming after languages that our group speaks
  • Naming after disaster (place name) location where Sahana has been most recently deployed (i.e. latest release = last deployment).
  • Named “Sahana” translated in local language where Sahana has been deployed.
  • Release 1.0 should be named Sahana, Sri Lanka, Colombo or tsunami… later releases can use new names
  • Named after historical disasters e.g. Mt Vesuvius 79AD, suggest we start with Indian Ocean Earthquake 2004Gavin Treadgold 2009/12/10 03:07
  • Given temporary name (could be existing numeric or any honorific non-location/non-event name), then, if deployed in a natural disaster, renamed after that location/event. — Glenn Pearson 20009/12/10
Name idea examples
  • Rain release (weather)
  • Thunderstorm release (weather)
  • Tsunami release (disaster)
  • Earthquake release (disaster)
  • JamesLeeWitt release (people)
  • NelsonMandela release (people)
  • Aceh release (place)
  • Samoa release (place)
  • Sinhalese release (language)
  • Bihar release (deployment)
  • Sahana release (translated)
  • Relief release (translated)

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