General Guidance

Guidance from documents and reports from the Internet detailing features and capabilities of disaster management systems. Also included are standards and guidelines. All these make excellent background reading.


Functionality overview of Sahana:


There is a great deal of relevant background information that can provide guidance when specifying requirements.

Sahana Requirements

Historical requirements are located on the reliefsource wiki, but will be transferred here so they can be better linked to development work.

SahanaPy has a BluePrints section to capture requirements:

Core Framework

Module Specifications

RELIEF Experiments Specifications

Technology Specifications

Sahana Critiques and Module Ideas


  • History - placed here temporarily until an appropriate namespace is created, perhaps project:, so we can have a project:history page


Release Naming Convention

  • ReleaseNaming - also placed here temporarily until a better place is found. A page to brainstorm ideas on naming conventions for releases and release candidtates.
  • ReleaseNames - On 13 Dec 2009 we voted to use translation of the Sanskrit word 'Sahana' into various languages as the naming convention for the Sahana project. This is an area to discuss and suggest different languages to be used as release names.

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