The Sahana BibTeX database

In addition to collecting Sahana publications on this wiki, we are building a more formal database of references (ie, a bibliography) in BibTeX format. BibTex is built on top of the TeX typesetting system.

A database like this enables us 1) to integrate our references with those from similar organisations and 2) to make our references downloadable for anyone to view them offline with a BibTeX-compatible client. Those currently coordinating this effort include Gavin Treadgold and Nate Olson (contact details below).

If you have published an item or made a presentation that mentions Sahana, we would be most grateful if you could post a link to the full document (eg, a PDF copy of a journal article, or a PDF or PPT copy of presentation slides) on the relevant page of this wiki section and also alert one of the coordinators above. Unpublished items, or works in progress, are also welcome.

Special formatting conventions

Here we list any special formatting conventions, beyond those of BibTeX, that we are using to ensure our database captures information as detailed as possible. Contact us with any suggestions. And if you're familiar with TeX markup, of course, you should feel free to add these items to your own reference before submitting it.

  • Keyword for type In the 'Keyword' field we are using type: followed by the appropriate descriptor, eg, type:presentation or type:article. This allows us to record the specific kind of reference even when BibTeX calls for something general (like 'misc') in the spot where publication type is normally designated.
  • Keyword for license In the 'Keyword' field we are using license: followed by a shorthand for the applicable content/data license, eg, license:cc25-nc.

Information we need

Please make an effort to submit the following pieces of information (excluding anything that doesn't apply) so that our database can be as complete as possible:

  • Full name of all authors, with the primary author listed first.
  • Full name of the publication, the 'volume' and 'number' of the edition in which your piece appears, and the page numbers of your piece.
  • The month and date of your publication or presentation.
  • The sponsoring organisation (the host of a conference, for instance).
  • A permanent URL at which your piece can downloaded.
  • The license that applies to your work (eg, Public Domain, or a variant of Creative Commons).

Get in touch

You can reach Gavin Treadgold at: gt ATSIGN kestrel DOT co DOT nz. You can reach Nate Olson at: nate ATSIGN pjsp DOT org.

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