Table descriptions

config - the central table that stores all the configuration details on the system

  • libs:,, lib_locale/,, lib_security/
  • mods: admin
  • This table is also used to override the (sys)conf file settings
  • API: inc/

shn_config_database_fetch() - to get the configuration details into the global $conf

shn_config_database_update() - to update the database with a configuration value


  • libs:,,, reporting/, reporting/
  • mods: admin
  • A meta-data table to store in one place all the possible options for a particular field
  • all field names prefixed with opt_ uses this table to get its values
  • API: inc/
shn_form_opt_select() - to retrieve automatically as a select box the values in opt_field relevant for the form


  • This table is used to store information related to synchronization.
  • It will keep information about other Sahana instances like their “instance id” and owner details.
  • Also it will keep the number of times synchronization happened and the last update times.
  • It is used by the synchronization module.


Scheduled for removal in 0.5 release: configlist

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