Table descriptions

locations - stores the location names and their hierachy

  • loc_uuid references itself

location_details - provides additional details on the locations with reference to another entity

  • links another UUID (person, camp, etc) to the location and how they are related

landmark_location - stores landmarks and its relations

  • Stores uuid, other details
  • stores landmark type

gis_location - Base table for basic GIS coordinates store

  • Stores gis_uuid
  • Mapping between gis_uuid,location_id and entity poc_uuid
  • Stores coordinates, projections
  • API: to store coordinates in table, use the following under mod/gis/

shn_gis_dbinsert($uuid,$loc_id,$gis,$xcoord,$ycoord,$projection) gis_wiki

  • Stores Wikimaps details
  • Maps wiki_uuid to gis_uuid


Constraints / Data Integrity conditions

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