Table descriptions

person_uuid - main person UUID table with the respective names

  • captured names include full-name, surname, first name, localization name, etc


  • captures the identity card information or any one-to-one identifier allocated to the person
  • the identity type is configurable and given in the opt_id_type field

person_details - stores the general details of a person

  • thier birth date, race, country, gender, etc

person_physical - stores the physical details of a person

person_missing - stores additional information if the person is missing

person_deceased - stores additional information if the person is deceased

person_to_report - stores information about the person who reported the victim

  • store a puuid to puuid link between the victim and the reporting person
  • store the relation this person has to the victim

person_status - stores the status of the person

  • missing, alive, injured, etc?
  • are they are relief worker?

pgroup - gives the group information

  • a group can be a family, a community, an organization
  • opt_group give the group type


person_to_pgroup - M to N table from person to the group

Constraints / Data Integrity conditions

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