Table Description

rms_request - stores information about the part of requester and the request

  • req_uuid and reqstr_uuid represent unique ids for a request and a requester
  • loc_uuid- uniquely identifies the location of request
  • status -represents the status of the request 'open','closed' or 'other'


  • requester_to_person - creates a one to one relation from rms_request to person_uuid
  • requester_to_location - creates a relation from rms_request to location

rms_req_item -stores information about a requested entity from the system

  • quantity - to represent the item count
  • priority - to store priority of a request
  • unit - item units


  • item_to_catalog -relates to the ct_catalogue table
  • rms_priority_to_priority -combines the item priority to rms_priority table
  • rms_request_item_to_request -relates to rms_request table

rms_prirority -Independent table to store request priorities.Three priority levels called Immediate,moderate and low are identified

rms_status - Independent table to store the state of a request.(open,close,etc…)

rms_pledge - stores information about the part of pledger and the pledge

  • donor_uuid and plg_uid represent unique ids for a pledger and a pledge
  • status-represents the status of the pledge 'delivered','notdelivered',etc..


  • pledger_to_person -defines one to one relationship from rms_pledger to person_uuid

rms_pledge_item -Stores information about donations

  • quantity -Item quantity
  • status -Status about the items(delivered,not delivered,etc…)
  • unit -units(mg,g,Kg,etc…)


  • rms_plgitem_to_catalog -relates the rms_plg_item and the ct_catalogue table
  • rmsplg_to_plg_item-combines the rms_pledge table with rms_plg_item

rms_fullfill-Information on request and pledge reconcillation is stored here

  • item_uuid -Item id
  • quantity -quantity
  • ff_date -fullfillment date


  • item_to_catalogue - relationship from the rms_fulfil item_uuid to ct_catalogue ct_uuid
  • fulfil_to_pledge - relate the rms_fulfil and rms_pledge table
  • fulfil_to_request - combine the rms_fulfil and rms_request table

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