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  1. Check all the HTML based reports available in the module.
  2. Identify reports which need paging functionality and to apply paging to those reports.
  3. Add export functionality to the reports.

Web Services

  • Identify the necessary functions to expose as web services. (Need to be consulted from the community)

Here we are focusing on to identify web services which are generic and can be used between two sahana instances. Even though we can expose a large number of web services per module we plan not to implement all of them for maintainability purposes. For example let say you implemented 10 web services and if you did a simple schema change you may need to change all of those functions which is frustrating. So as we discussed the best approach would be to implement web services when there is a solid requirement in a deployment. Further more we would enhance the web services library and the module so that it would be easy to create web services when requirement arise.

Implemented Web Services


  1. Identify useful RSS feeds for modules. (Need to be consulted from the community)
  2. Develop functions to expose the necessary RSS feeds.

Implemented RSS Feeds

Data Exchange

  1. Check weather the module is need for synchronization.
  2. If it is used in sync check the sync.xml file for errors.
  3. Populate the module with data and do a synchronization and see weather the data are synchronized properly.

Framework Development

In order apply the above functionalities we have develop the following libraries. Further enhancements will be done to them depending on the requirements of other modules.

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