Sahana Logistics Management Coordination Meeting Notes

May 22, 2009 1500 UTC


1) Review database schema posted by Nilushan

  • see chat logs for details of discussion
  • agreed to maintain and keep schema updated using MySQL Workbench & posted to wiki as .zip

2) Discuss and make preliminary decisions on Framework/API

  • discussion deferred to Sahana Developer's list (maindev) - Tim Harder to initiate discussion

3) Update on Coding

  • Nilushan - PHP coding to begin this summer
  • Ajay - GSoC 2009 project coding begins next week - in Python

4) Coordination & Support for coding efforts

  • good communication on lists
  • keep design documents updated on wiki
  • publish code weekly (PHP to CVS trunk / GSOC to SahanaPy local branch
  • sub-module owners to be identified on wiki

5) Regular meetings

  • Same time (1500 UTC), same place (#sahana on freenode), every Tuesday starting June 2

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