August 28, 2009 1030 UTC


  • ajuonline
  • jo
  • ks
  • mahesh
  • michaelhowden
  • nazgul1
  • nilushan

1) Summary of work done by Mahesh

  • Mahesh presented some developments to the IMS and RMS done for Sarvodaya to help with their donor management.
  • Email thread to be started to clarify some specs for the Logs Module

2) Procurement

  • Michael shared his initial development of the procurement sub module specs: procurement_sub_module_specifications
  • Flow diagrams were requested, flow diagrams were provided!
  • Questions were asked how this would fit into the Logistics Module, “Supply Chain Tracking System” and “Commodity Tracking System” - discussion to be continued on email thread.
  • Nilushan asked if the workflow was consistent, Michael stated that it remains fairly standard for most NGOs, with no need for customization

3) Ajay's Logs work in SahanaPy for GSOC

  • Ajay presented his work for review, still need some development for item catalog.
  • Discussion on how to handle splitting of items into smaller packages (The “condom” problem:
  • Michael proposed an “ItemUnit” table to help record different packing sizes:
ItemID UnitName Multiplier Divisor Comments
1 Carton 1 1 Base Unit
1 Wallet - 20 20 Wallets → Carton
1 Box 70 - 70 Cartons → Box

* Ajay showed how different packing units can be added in the Logs Module

4) General Discussion

  • KS is preparing a Logs Wireframe and will email to the list for review.
  • Nilushan has prepared some users stories, but it was agreed that these were better described as task breakdown
  • If Michael will prepare some User Stories, Nilushan will bake cookies for everyone at the next meeting.
  • Nilushan pointed out that we need to be better at capturing requirements in the wiki. Requires can be captured through a combination of Technical Specifications and User Stories. User stories may be able to generate task for programmers, or be used as a check list for programmers to review the functionality of their modules.
  • Nazgul1 tries to get Michael to start developing. Ajay tries to claim Michael for SahanaPy. Michael despairs at the loss of his free time.
  • is proposed for managing user stories - perhaps need a thread to decide on best tool, for the meantime will use wiki.

No time set for next meeting, but I think that everyone had sooo much fun that we'll have one soon!

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