August 15, 2009 1030 UTC


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  • michaelhowden


  • Logistics Management System (LMS) to be divided into separate top-level modules: Warehouse Management, Procurement, Shipments (encompassing Intake, Donations & Commodity Tracking), Asset Management, Fleet/Transport Management
  • Requirements to be maintained on wiki – User Stories are extension not replacement of other written module requirements and coders should be sure to review everything under the current set of requirements. (Current reqs to be rewritten/reorganized to reflect decisions taken re module organization).
  • User experience has to follow business process/workflow. i.e. limit user ability to navigate to processes not relevant. Consider hiding menu and just giving user options on what to do next. Simplified front-end for most users with no url bar, no navigation buttons, limited menu options based on what they are allowed to do next. (Execute through user roles). Provide a graphical menu on the launch screen.
  • Make LMS configurable to have different capabilities based on deployment; e.g. for public sector donation management, no procurement or cost fields may be relevant; for NGO development program options, they may be required. The functional steps in the workflow should be split up, and deployments may require creating a custom workflow by rearranging or removing certain steps.
  • Menu system based on latest theme to match hierarchy of LMS functions – accessible for superusers/managers who need access to entire system.
  • Michael suggested the possibility of running a simulation with demo of Sahana at ISCRAM. Will follow up with ISCRAM contacts.

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