Reporting: ICS Form 214 for RELIEF Experiments at Camp Roberts

Background: As part of the NIMS/ICS l10n effort, we were tasked with having Sahana produce, as a proof of concept, ICS Form 214 based on data from within the Sahana database. For reference, attached is a word doc with the required format and fields to be captured by ICS Form 214.


Functionality Required: Perhaps from the Reporting Module, there would be an option to PRINT ICS FORM 214. Upon selecting this, the user would be prompted to select, from a drop-down list, the “project” from within the VMS on which to report (this is the “Unit”). The user would also define the operational period for which to generate the report. This would require the selection of a start and end date and time. This information provides the filters on which queries would be run on the Sahana database libraries from which to generate this report. The output, for purposes of a demonstration of capabilities, can be direct to a printer, to a PDF or word document, or as a XML file that can be merged with a structured template in order to produce a printable or viewable and editable electronic document/form that could be submitted by the user as a part of their required work flow processes.

Field Definitions: Based on how Sahana is being used at Camp Roberts for the RELIEF experiments, here is the proposal from where each field of data should be pulled from:

  1. Incident Name: pulled from the currently selected/active incident or disaster being managed (from the multiple incident management functionality).
  2. Date Prepared: Automatically generated from the current date.
  3. Time Prepared: Automatically generated from the current time.
  4. Unit Name/Department: This will need to be selected from a drop-down list of “projects” from the Volunteer Management System (VMS) when the user selects the generate ICS 214 report button. This selection will also serve as a filter for other queries on the database (fields 5, 7 and 8).
  5. Unit Leader (Name and Position): This will be the designated “site manager” for the selected “project” in field 4. The name and position title given to the “site manager” role within the VMS (note that this may need some reprogramming of the VMS to allow the “Site Manager” role to be filled by a user configurable position title.
  6. Operational Period: This is a date & time - beginning and end - to be defined by a pop-up box when the user selects the generate ICS 214 report button - and will also define the range of a time period that further queries will take place.
  7. Personnel Roster Assigned: These three fields will be pulled from queries based on volunteers assigned to the project specified in field 4 for the operational time period specified in field 6, as follows: Name = Name of volunteer; ICS Position = position assigned in project; Home Base = location set upon registering in the VMS as home location.
  8. Activity Log: PHASE 1: Leave as blank fields to be manually entered by the user. We have been advised that the unit leader is usually going to want to come up with own summary of the major events from the reporting period. PHASE 2 (possible future enhancement or demonstration of capabilities - DO NOT CODE THIS NOW): These two fields are pulled from a general query of any data element within the active and utilized Sahana libraries - including the organization registry, the shelter registry, the request management system, the inventory system, the missing persons or disaster victims registry, or a manually entered situation in the situation awareness module, that are entered by a Sahana registered user associated with the selected “project” - i.e. the “site manager” position or any other assigned volunteer - and within the operational period. All such data elements would be listed and sorted by time (earliest first) and summarized as to what the entry or change in Sahana data was.
  9. Prepared by (Name and Position): This would be pulled from the user logged into Sahana (the name) and position would come from the position assigned to that individual from the VMS. This should almost always be the same as the unit leader name and position from field 5 above.

Additional Requirements & Notes: It would be good to have the following functionality as well - though this is not required for the proof of concept:

  • The ability to manually edit the report before it is exported/finalized i.e. you see all auto-generated data on an editable screen/form which allows the user to manually edit any/all data elements before finalizing and submitting the form for printing/export/conversion to PDF or word document. This would also be used for the user to enter the event information in field 8.
  • The printed/exported form needs to look as much as possible like the sample template form provided in the link above. This includes all labels, shading, fonts, and form numbers in the footer.

Any questions about the requirements, please post below or contact sahana-camp-roberts at googlegroups dot com.


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