Logistic Module (Logistic site requirements)

Sub Modules

  • Item Catelog Module
  • Site Module
  • Warehouse Module

Item Catelog Module

includes a categorization of various items. Each category can have either more sub categories or items. An item can be individual or composite: made up of multiple items of the same type or different types.

  • Add new Items to the catalogue
  • Add or Import different catalogues to the system Eg :- Red cross

Site module

  • Add/View/Edit/Delete sites (Select Site From the map OR search it by name)
  • Add/View/Edit/Delete Storage locations
  • Assign storage locations to the site

Warehouse Module

  • Send Items :
  1. Create new shipment - From the existing Items in the warehouse user can search for Items and add it to the shipment.
  2. Forward received Shipment to another site - User might have to forward shipments as a whole from one location to another .

  • Receive Items

Receive new Items:from three parties: an organization, Internal, person. When receiving a shipment, user will search for necessary Items from Item catalogue [3] by item name or item code. If a particular item is not available in the catalogue, then the user will have to add it to the catalogue Receive pre-entered shipments :A pre-confirmed shipment can be added to a site with the hope of intaking it when shipment arrives

  • Request Items : user can request a required item from the system. All requests will be prompted in the logistics dash board

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