Contact Tracing Module

One of the big issues with pandemics is tracing person to person contact. Often this involves tracing locations that a person has been, and other people that they have interacted with. Once identified, often times there is a voice or in-person interview to take place and we should be able to record these results as well. Some of the things this module needs to be able to do:

  • Record individuals using the to-be-developed PersonAPI
  • Record interactions with other people. These might be classified as active (e.g. close interaction, within a few rows on a plane, conversation) or passive (e.g. on same train, boat, plain).
  • Record people sharing a location (e.g. a meeting place, a plane flight etc). This is important in trying to capture say plane manifests and recording all the passengers and the seats that they were in. If a certain person is flagged as a possible case, then it should be possible to say identify all people sitting within x rows of them on a plane.
  • Undertake as record assessments and associate them to each contact. May be multiple and different assessment forms.

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