Procurement Module


PR Purchase Request
RFQ Request for Quotation
BA Bid Analysis
CBA Comparative Bid Analysis
PO Purchase Order
GRN Goods Received Note
Open Purchases which are still ongoing
Closed Purchases which have been completed. (This may occur when the items are delivered, or paid for, depending on the organization)
Approved Vendor A Vendor who has been verified, and who certain purchases may be made directly from, without the full bid process.

Note: This terminology may change between organizations, and may need to definable in configuration settings.

Vendor is the same as supplier.

Flow Chart

Use Cases

These will describe the different tasks which the User (typically procurement staff within an organization) will have to perform in the software, and the data which they will have to enter.

Enter New Purchase Request

User: Staff / Procurement Staff

Description: Entering a request to purchase item(s) into the system. This will produce a physical PR, which will be signed by required staff for approval, according to the organizations policies.


Data Description
Date Received by Procurement
Requisition Number Auto. Generated Serial #
Purchase Description
Requester Name Person
Requester Position
Requester Office Site
Priority (Routine/Urgent)
Date Required by Date
Goods Delivered to Site (Location/Telephone/Fax)
Delivery Contact Person
Authorized by (1) Person
Authorized by (2) Person
Authorized by (3) Person
Authorized by (4) Person
Estimated Total Price Calc. from Item(s) Data

Item(s) (each PR can contain any number of items:

Data Description
Item # Index Number: 1,2,3…
Item CatalogItem - Select existing or add new
Unit Type From CatalogItem or Add New
Estimated Unit Price Currency (Possible look up from historical data)
Amount (Quantity x Estimated Unit Price)
Budget Restrictions (Donor Restrictions) Text
Budget Codes BudgetCode Table
For Distribution/Assets/Inventory Person
Procurement Status Set to “New”


  • The new PR may be entered by the person requesting the items, or if the deployment of Sahana is limited to only logistics staff, it may be entered by the procurement staff.
  • The PR may need to be approved before Procurement staff can action it.
  • There needs to be some sort of check against the Warehouse Ledger, to check that the requested items are not already in stock.
  • In some cases a single line item will be split up amongst multiple budget codes.

Make Request for Quotation

User: Procurement Staff

Description: Using the data from the PRs, the Procurement Staff will create RFQ which can be printed and sent to Vendors.


Data Description
Request Date
Payment Terms Text
Performance Bond Text
Delivery By (Date)
Quotation By (Date)
Delivered to (Site)
Vendor Link to Vendor table
Remarks Text
Procurement Status Set to “Quote“


  • A Single PR could be split into multiple quotes (If the items are going to be purchased from different vendors); A single quote could be split into multiple PRs.

Enter Bids & Make Bid Analysis

User: Procurement Staff


Data Description
Bid Date Date the bid is received from Vendor


Data Description
Unit Price
Remarks Text
New Item Vendor might not have specified item in stock, but may quote for a similar item
Procurement Status Set to “Bid”

Description: The Procurement staff will enter data from the Vendor's Bids (which are in response to specific RFQs). They will use this data to produce a BA. A Vendor (or in some cases vendors) is then selected by a committee, and this choice is recorded. This can then be used to make a PO.

Select Vendor

User: Procurement Staff

Description: From the Bid Analysis and Tender Committee meeting a vendor (or vendors) will be selected


Data Description
Reason List: Price, Quality, Delivery Time, Sole Supplier, Approved Vendor, Other
Justification Text


Data Description
Supplier Selected


  • The items may be split up amongst individual vendors
  • In some cases an individual line item may be split up amongst vendors, eg. 10 bags of rice from Vendor A and 10 bags of rice from Vendor B, particularly if Vendors don't have stock.

Make Purchase Order

User: Procurement Staff

Description: Enter all the information which will be used to print a PO, which will be signed and given to the vendor.


Data Description
PO Number Auto Serial #
Bill to Person
Procurement Status = Set to “Order”


Data Description
Unit Price


  • In the case of the bid process being followed most of this data will be filled from the bids.

Enter Delivery Details

User: Warehouse Staff / Procurement Staff

Description: Enter confirmation that the item(s) have been received. Typically thsi will be done at the warehouse. If the warehouse is using the logistics module, this data will be automatically updated from their data.


Data Description
Date Received
GRN Number Auto Serial #
Procurement Status = Set to “Receive”


Data Description
Quantity received


  • From an organizational perspective the receipt of the items should be done externally from Procurement for transperency.
  • Not all of the items may be received at the same time.

Enter Payment Details

User: Finance Staff / Procurement Staff

Description: This is a 2 step process, first Procurement will prepare the documentation and give it to Finance. And then Finance will pay the Vendor, and this payment will be recorded. At this stage the Procurement is closed.


Data Description
Date Vendor Invoice Received
Date To Finance
Date Paid
Voucher Ref
Comments Text
Procurement Status Set to “Finance” → “Paid”


  • Finance may not be using Sahana, so all the data will have to be entered by Procurement.


  • Entire PRs, PO or individual line items should be able to be deleted (removed from the reports - indicating a data entry error), or canceled (Indicating that the request has been canceled, but still displayed with a status of “Canceled”


Procurement Tracking Report

Description: A list of all items which are currently being procured, or have recently been procured.

Procurement Summary Report

Description: A list of all items which have been procured (closed). This will show the lead times for the different stages of the procurement process.

Vendor List

Description:A list of all Vendors in the system. Some of these vendors may be tagged as “Approved Vendors”.

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