This information is from practitioners in the field who are also graduate students at a public university in the United States. They were asked to do the following:

1.Conduct an analysis/critique on Sahana – look up other information and view the Sahana site for screenshots and such. If you are able to install and play around with, that would be good, but is not required. You may want to cover issues with the user interface –

  • Is this easy to use?
  • Do you perceive the modules and system useful and needed?
  • Are there situations where this would fit one disaster type better than another – where you could suggest improvements.

Answers to Part 1

2.Start work on defining a new module that you think would be useful.

  • Describe why this module is needed
  • Describe its importance in the overall goals of emergency management
  • Draw diagrams or insert other visuals.
  • Future problems or considerations or developments that can be added later or other modules this could be integrated with.

Answers to Part 2

3.Create significant enhancement to an existing module.

  • Describe what is lacking or what the problem is with the module.
  • Describe how these additional modifications will help improve emergency management.

Answers to Part 3

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