It should be easy to enter information about the situation, create a task from that event and then track the progress of that task.

For the response phase, it's very important to be able to be able to be able to see who is doing what, where. After the event, reviewers should have a good understanding of what happened. A single point of entry of 'current information' A unified log of events that occurred would be highly beneficial.


 Note, the screenshots below are an attempt at a new user interface.
 Comments welcome.

Info In

Users have a text area field and map occupying half of the screen each.

A message/update received via MMS, phone, VHF, email, etc. This info is then entered into the textfield. Email/SMS messages have their text automatically inserted into the text area. A geographic point on the map is clicked, to provide location information.

Task Creation + Allocation

Each feature on the map should be able to turned into a task. These tasks should be able to be allocated to other users, groups or organisations.

Notes to diagramme

  • “Allocate Task To” uses JQuery/AJAX autocomplete for speed.
  • Submit buttons to be created

Event Detail

Task Followup

Authorised users should be able to review the status of the requests.

Event Log

A detailed event log should be able to be easily generated.

Other components

Congruence with Situation Awareness module

 I've provisionally renamed Situation Awareness to Situation. Feels better.

The task edit and allocation functionality should tie in perfectly with the situation awareness module.


  • General view of the current active events.
  • Selecting a marker brings up a new, see below.
  • Experimenting with different types of markers, so that Sahana doesn't look so Google Maps-esque.

Map, with item selected

  • Exclamation mark indicating severity.

SitRep Generation

Users go through the log of events and select if it is “SitRep Siginifcant”. This subset of messages is automatically ported to the situation reporting module for manipulation.

A sidebar that appears on all modules. It is populated by a list of tasks that are currently allocated to that user, possibly with a small map the is zoomed to a level that allows the location of all the events that generated the maps to be shown.

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