Sahana Project Feature Comparisons

The feature comparisons between Sahana projects are a good way to propagate best practices and functionality. Once they become pervasively adopted they implicitly become a sahana standard.

Sahana Functionality Comparison


The following tables are modified from Hsiaojan's note ( Sahana Eden Taiwan ). Work has since been contracted to plug the gaps in Eden - this work has now been integrated into Trunk.

Missing people registry

Missing people registry Agasti Krakotoa (0.6.4 TW) Agasti Vesuvius(0.9.0) Eden
Home page/bulletin Y
status Y Y
place to Y
presence log Y
mutiple trackers Y
separate survivor list Y


Shelters Agasti Krakotoa (0.6.4 TW) Eden
capacity for differentage group/gender Y
capacity update date Y
dwellings / max persons per dwelling Y
Assesment Y
Request Y
Inventory Y


Organization Agasti Krakotoa (0.6.4 TW) Eden
source of organization Y
activity Y
office Y
staff Y
branch Y

Request / Pledge

Request / Pledge Agasti Krakotoa(0.6.4 TW) Eden
Request / Search Y
Pledge / by aid catalog Y
Pledge / direct to each request Y
Pledge / store into inventory Y Y
Pledge / search Y
Fullfill request / by aid catalog Y
Fullfill request / by alternated items Y
Fullfill request / Unfullfilllist Y
Fullfill request / from inventory Y
Fullfill request / direct to each request Y

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