Sahana Standards

Welcome to the Sahana standards homepage. Here we build and agree on cross-Sahana project development and interop standards which increases the bar of the quality and flexibility of the Sahana projects towards our end goals. The evolution of these standards beyond the scope of just Sahana will be to the H-FOSS group and groups such as W3C and OASIS. We strive to support Open Standards as much as possible where we can.

Standards Adoption

Accepted Standards

Standard Scope Description
Mailing list Policy All Sahana communication Sahana new mailing list policy
Updated community etiquette All Sahana communication forums General communication etiquette
Wiki Guidelines All Sahana Wikis General guidelines on the usage of Sahana WIKIs
QA Guidelines and Checklist Sahana Quality Assurance Teams QA Guidelines and Checklist Best Practises
GUI Standards Usability Testing Usability Standards

Standards Proposals

Standards Discussion

Standards PMC Meeting Archives

Meeting Date Agenda/Notes Summary
2-JUN-2011 Agenda & Meeting Minutes Summary of IRC Discussion
25-SEP-2012 Agenda & Meeting Minutes IRC notes
06-Mar-2013 Agenda & Meeting Minutes IRC notes
07-Apr-2014 Agenda & Meeting Minutes IRC notes

Standards PMC

alphabetical order

  • Chad Heuschober
  • Chamindra de Silva
  • David Bitner
  • Dominic König
  • Francis Boon
  • Glenn Pearson
  • Louiqa Raschid
  • Mark Prutsalis
  • Mifan Careem
  • Nilushan Silva
  • Nuwan Waidyantha (Chair)
  • Praneeth Bodduluri

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