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The Mission of the Sahana Software Foundation is to help alleviate human suffering by giving emergency managers, disaster response professionals and communities access to the information that they need to better prepare for and respond to disasters through the development and promotion of free and open source software and open standards.

The Sahana Software Foundation, a 501[c][3] non-profit organization, was established in 2009 to serve the needs and requirements of a diverse group of customers:

  • Government agencies and jurisdictions at the national, provincial or state, and local levels
  • UN Agencies, international and local charitable organizations (NGOs)
  • Communities & disaster victims
  • Technology companies & software developers

Our Vision is to build and sustain a global open and collaborative community of contributors to information and communications technologies for disaster management, in order to:

  • Support the needs of Sahana customers through promoting and developing innovative open source solutions for disaster information management
  • Support the adoption of open standards for data exchange between information systems to manage disaster data.

In order to fulfill its mission and vision, the following Objectives guide Foundation activities:

  • Help alleviate human suffering and help save lives through the efficient and effective use of technology after a disaster
  • Bring efficiencies to disaster response coordination through facilitating effective information sharing between disaster responders and beneficiaries
  • Empower disaster victims and responders by providing them with the information they need to help themselves and others
  • Build resilience and preparedness through training, education and the deployment of systems for managing disaster information in advance of a disaster.
  • Provide a nurturing environment for community development of humanitarian free and open source software applications that support all four phases of emergency management

Please visit the Foundation wiki for more information about the Sahana Software Foundation organization, governance, board, members, licenses and projects.

If you're considering becoming part of our community or learning more about our core values, please read our Code of Conduct.

Current Events

Internship Opportunities

We are currently in our Winter 2013-14 internship program. We are not currently accepting applications for interns.

If you are interested in becoming an intern with the Sahana Software Foundation, whether through the Google Summer of Code or directly with us through our own internship program, the best thing you can do is to become a part of our contributing community now. Start coding; introduce yourself on our IRC channels, join our mailing lists.

Sahana Meeting Calendar

All important meetings and events are recorded on the Sahana Meeting Calendar - which is a shared Google calendar that may be linked to your existing calendar through the following links:

If you need access to the Sahana Meeting Calendar to add/edit events, please e-mail admin at sahanafoundation dot org.

For Organizations Considering Sahana


Sahana is a web-based disaster management application that provides management solutions, focusing on large-scale humanitarian disasters. It enables enhanced coordination by promoting integrated information gathering. It assists collaboration by providing a number of communication mechanisms in the aftermath of a disasters. Sahana is built from free and open source software and released under OSI licenses, which means all users are free to download and use it (and are even free to create commercial derivatives of it).

How Sahana is Useful in Disaster Situations

Sahana functions both online as well as a stand alone tool for disaster management, depending on the operational considerations. Users can access it via their local machine, from within the network, as part of a corporate intranet or anywhere in world via the Internet. This means it can be installed on a laptop, for workers in the field and at a central command center for overall coordination. When machines are linked, all information can be synchronised, via USB, CD-R the LAN or the Internet.

Supported Operating Systems and Web Browsers

Sahana supports all modern operating systems and browsers, including MS Windows, Mac OSX, Ubuntu and other Unix-like systems. Your browser must have JavaScript enabled and, for Agasti, your operating system must be able to run the Apache HTTP Server, the PHP programming language and MySQL database software. If running Eden then you will need to run Python. If you don't know what these are, the Installation Guides will assist you.

Deployments and Case Studies

Sahana's strength is also in its track record being deployed for disasters around the world. Known deployments of Sahana include those for the governments of Pakistan, Philippines, Peru, America, and Bangladesh. The full list of Sahana deployments and pre-deployments, some with case studies, highlights how a community of partners can work to deliver the Sahana solution at a time of need.

Awards and Recognition

WIKI Sections

The Sahana Disaster Management System Information Library has several wikis. They are defined by target audience. If you are having difficulty finding the information you are looking for, please email or visit us at Several experienced Sahana volunteers will be able to assist.

Just looking for help? Check out our help page for basic information on where to go and who to ask.

The table below gives you a quick guide into the Sahana WIKI sections and how to use the WIKI.

Section Description Section Description
Foundation All information regarding the Sahana non-profit foundation Community Home for community development programs, including the Google Summer of Code and Google Code-In
Deployments Past deployments and best practices Standards Sahana common project standards and guidelines
Agasti Home of the Sahana Mayon, Kilauea and Vesuvius (PHP) products Eden Home of the Sahana Eden product (Python, Web2Py)
Member Sahana Software Foundation Member resources and information
Translate Home of the Sahana translators community Research Home for the Sahana academic/research community
Home About the wiki and help pages for those new to Sahana Ideas General ideas scratchpad area
Archive Historical pages of the wiki containing mostly deprecated information Phase 2 Sahana Phase 2 (PHP) Wiki [content here being migrated to Agasti: or Archive: with revisions]

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