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What is Vesuvius?

Vesuvius continues a lineage from Sahana Krakatoa. This effort is mainly concerned with improving family reunification and administrative capabilities, developing a robust code base, and exploring mobile technologies. The project is driven by international responses such as the Haitian earthquake of 2010, and US-hospital-focused triage needs.

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For Developers Seeking Access or Considering Being a Contributor to Vesuvius

Source code for Vesuvius 0.9.x development may be found as:

  • The latest “packaged” trunk release, 0.9.2, for which a manual installation document (though no installer) is provided.
  • The trunk itself, which has code commits substantially beyond the package.
  • The full set of branches in the GitHub repository, e.g., comprising additional experimental or student modules, not integrated into the trunk at this time.

Sources for updates include:

  • occasional selected code pushes from NLM's People Locator project; the code is appropriately spread amongst the various Bazaar branches.
  • Sahana Google Summer of Code student branches.
  • New efforts from Virtusa, Inc. and other potential contributors.

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Discussions and Bug Reports

Developments in this project are reported to the sahana-agasti and discuss listservs, among other places. The freenode IRC channels #sahana-agasti and #sahana-meeting facilitate cross-fertilization.

Bug reports are also handled on Launchpad.

Contacts for the Vesuvius Trunk

Vesuvius Branch Manager and chair of the Vesuvius subcommittee of the SSF Products PMC

Main SSF-Member Web Site Developer Contact at NLM

  • Greg Miernicki - miernickig <at> mail <dot> nih <dot> gov - Lead module & web services developer/database architect; Products PMC [Vesuvius subcommittee]
  • For other NLM contacts, see Vesuvius and People Locator.

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