Sahana-Agasti-OCR User guide

Additional libraries

The library files which are generate by building Tesseract 3.0 for OCR recognition.

OpenCV libraries which are used to image processing tasks.

Xerces libraries which could downloaded from

Twain application which is used to communicate with the scanner application. You can download the toolkit from here

How to set up

The user have to include all the necessary libraries and the header files which were mentioned above, to the working directory.

Then you can run the SahanaOCRUI exe or run the project using the Visual Studio.


Here is the link for a video guide

when you run the project you can see the initialize window of the project.

It contains select boxes for

  • choosing the scanner
  • choosing the images from the file system
  • choosing the Xforms from the file system

So initially the user can select whether he is using the images from the file system or form the feed the images by scanning from the scanners, by selecting the check box available in the initialize form. Then if you select scanner you wanted to select the corresponding xform for it. For the scanner there are two options to configure the scanner and to test the scanners.

By the configure option we can configure the scanner settings.

The Test option provide you a chance to check whether the scanner is correctly working with the application and is it scanning correctly.

By the Test it scans the image and show it on the preview window as above.

Or else you can select the image and the corresponding Xform for it. Then after submitting those images the system direct you to the main form of the application.

The process window is as follows. {{:foundation:5.jpg|}}

If you are using the images from the file system, you can see the image you have submit to the system at the main form. Or else there is a option to scan the images from the scanners.

After that you can start the process of form processing and the system directs you to the Log form which shows process of the form.

At the Log window there is a image box that updates the segmented current letter box of the form. And there also a text box that shows the corresponding recognized letter during the process.

There is a text area in the Log form that shows the results of the data fields during the process.


These are the basic functions of the SahanaOCR project.

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